Aromatherapy - Using Aromatic Materials And Essential Oils To Improve Psychological And Physical Health

Aromatherapy - Using Aromatic Materials And Essential Oils To Improve Psychological And Physical Health



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Book Excerpt

Sometimes divided into three distinctive areas of uses, aromatherapy has proven an effective solution to many problems. Aerial diffusion falls in the category for environmental fragrancing or disinfection.

Direct inhalation is encouraged to arrest various respiratory problems like respiratory disinfection, congestion, tightness in the chest cavity and many others. Topical applications are mainly for relaxing purposes such as massages, baths, compresses and therapeutic skin care treatments.

Theoretically aromatherapy has been encouraged to be looked upon as an alternative to more invasive types of treatments. Besides being much more pleasant as a treatment option it can sometimes even be touted as a prevention element to certain diseases.

At worst it can play a major role in relaxing the general state of an individual and perhaps contribute in some way to the more successful percentage of recovery when combined with other more scientifically accepted methods of treatment.

Today there are many avenues of treatment to explore before embarking on a particular type suitable for the individual. However it must always be noted that before making a choice, one must always try to be as well informed as possible.

The importance of understanding a particular topic, idea, or element is often overlooked in this busy world of today. To make matters worse it is often difficult to find the time to really extensively explore particular topics. However with the use of various modern tools, this task can be not only fun but very informative too.

Most people today understand aromatherapy as just another indulgent exercise the privileged few enjoy. However upon taking the time to delve deeper, one is likely to find a whole new prospect relating to the very diverse uses of aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy can be explored as an alternative to more invasive methods of treatments. Originating long before medical science made discoveries and break-throughs; aromatherapy has had many success stories to back its many wondrous attributes. The concept of using aromatherapy to treat wounds and burns first came about when a scientist badly burned his hand while conducting an experiment and later it was used again successfully, as an antiseptic to treat the wounded soldiers during world war two.

Being the basis of natural materials, aromatherapy is less dangerous a method to choose from, when deciding on the best suited treatment for various illnesses. In theory aromatherapy is a treatment that may or may not help in the prevention of diseases by the use of essential oils. When coupled with the more conventional methods of treatments it has been found to produce impressive results, mainly contributing as a calming ingredient to the equation.

Aromatherapy can have a positive impact on the limbic system through the olfactory system. It has also been known to have direct pharmacologic effects. There have been studies done to prove the connection between the direct impacts of use between aromatherapy coupled with other scientific methods, however to date no conclusive data has been forthcoming.