Relationships - How To Quickly Get Back Together With Your Ex Partner

Relationships - How To Quickly Get Back Together With Your Ex Partner



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Book Excerpt

Looking to get your ex back is not an easy process. You may have all kinds of ideas and thoughts about what you want to say and do. However, when you are trying to get back with him or her, it takes careful consideration and planning. Mistakes do happen in relationships and you may feel that another chance can bring the two of your closer.

You will need to figure out why you want to get your ex back. If the bad outweighs the good, then you may have a good edge to get back with them. If you are doing it to keep him or her away from other suitable prospects, then you will be disappointed. If you are serious about how much you miss your ex, then by all means, give it a chance.

You must sit down and think about why you broke up. Look at both sides of the relationship. There were probably things that he did that you did not like; certainly there were things that you did that she did that you did not like. Once you realize where you went wrong, you can start making corrections and amends.

You will have to work on making those amends if you intend to get back with your ex. It is important not to allow things to be the same as they were before you broke up the first time. If one of you has an explosive temper, hopefully the time away from each other has changed that attitude.

If one of you was a frivolous spender, hopefully you have learned that you need to get your finances in order. What if you guys were married, then what? You would be in big trouble as a couple.

Both of you need to prove to each other that you are willing and ready to change. The only way to show that is through action. The action must be consistent. It can’t be a one time thing and then go back to your old ways.

Set up a meeting with your ex. This way, both of you can see where the other is going. Talk out your issues and concerns. See where both of you are headed. You need to be committed prior to getting back together.

If you start early before the reconciliation, it will be easier to keep doing it once you two connect again. The reunion has to be beneficial for both parties in order for it to survive.

Signs That Your Ex Wants You Back

There are signs that your ex wants you back—however, be aware that it may just be wishful thinking on your part. So don’t get caught up in their initial actions. Give it some time and you will see if it’s the real deal.

However, there are some actual genuine signs that your ex is looking to get back with you:

  • Your ex constantly keeps in touch with you.

  • Your ex enjoys your company.

  • Your ex has no serious relationships and has mentioned that to you.

  • Your ex likes talking to you.

  • Your ex wants to be around you, whether it’s on a date or not.

  • Your ex talks to you about serious issues—he or she initiates it and depends on you to listen.

  • Your ex calls you just to say hello.

  • They encourage you to keep the communication going.

  • Your ex is interested in getting to know you again.

  • Your ex initiates wanting to see more of you.

  • They feel at peace when they are around them.

  • They want to keep up with you and not let you out of their sight.

  • They lose weight to impress you.

  • They don’t make a big deal if something goes wrong.

  • Your ex does not want to break the connection they have with you.

  • Talks about other girls, but shows no interest towards them.

  • Asks if you are interested in someone else.

  • Makes sexy gestures when he or she is in your presence

  • Stares in your eyes for a few minutes.

  • Is confident that getting back together is the right move.

  • Be a little quieter than you were before. Don’t talk as much. That will make him or her ask more questions and become curious.