Sports - Quick Guide To The Perfect Golf Swing

Sports - Quick Guide To The Perfect Golf Swing



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Book Excerpt

As a golfer you know how bad it can be if you are hitting the ball too short for each drive. It can cost you the game and a really bad score. If you need to learn how to hit the ball a bit further at each hole you need to read this e-book.

The purpose of this e-book is to teach you how you can improve your shot to give you more than 50 yards every time you hit the golf ball. There are a lot of factors that must be considered when you play golf.

These factors include the type of ball you are using, the irons, your stance, swing, how to power drive, and of course, how to fix your slice. Just one of these factors being off can cause you to have less of a drive than desired.

This e-book should be used as a guide to help you understand how you should properly stand as you hold your club. You will learn how the club should be facing to achieve specific shots, how to hit over a tree, out of the sand, and down the fairway with complete power. You will also learn where to put the weight in your body throughout the entire swing.

You might be giving it all you’ve got in your shot and still cannot hit the ball as far as you would like. You might think you need to lift weights and build up the muscles in your arms.

The power in your shot isn’t about how strong your arms are. It is about the right ingredients of stance, swing, the way you hold the club, and much more.

When you have just the right swing you will find you can drive the ball as far as you need to when you golf. You can get the additional distance you are looking for when you know how to make the key ingredients work for you in your golf game.

Those additional yards will mean less par and a better score. You will be amazed with the improvements on your game.

The Ball

You might have an amazing swing but it won’t do anything for you if you aren’t using the right golf ball. There is no reason to be wasting a perfect swing if you are not using the right ball.

When you are golfing with the right golf ball it can take a few strokes off of a round. There are many ways to tell which type of golf ball you need to use when you play the game. These also will make a big difference with the distance you get when you hit the ball.

There are three different types of golf balls. These three different golf balls are known as balata, two-piece, or a ball with the combination of both of the two. There are many things you need to consider when you are choosing which of these balls you will use.

The first thing you need to think about is what you are looking for. Do you want to have the ultimate spin control and you have a low handicap? The balata is the ball for you. This is a softer ball which includes a soft cover. The soft cover allows for the ball to have a little bit more spin. The professional golfers use the Balata when they golf, including Tiger Woods.

If you are looking for more distance in your swing and you have a higher handicap then you need more control on the distance and durability. This means you need a hard cover ball. A two-piece ball includes a hard cover which will not create as much backspin. This way, you will be able to hit the ball a longer distance than you did before.

When you choose a ball to use while you are golfing the weather may play into your decision also. You also want to look at the conditions of the golf course. If the course has been soaked in rain the ball that will produce the least amount of spin and will travel further will be your best choice; the two-piece.

If the golf course is rock hard and scorched from the sun then the softer ball will be the best choice. This is because the softer ball will land softly and spin rather than bounce.

The half and half ball has a little of both the soft and hard combined. You might try this ball if the conditions seem to be just right and you need a little bit of distance but you are working on the spin control also. Hitting with the different balls will give you a good idea of the difference they make when you play the game.